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Coffee and Work


David "Stock" Baird

BairdTech Services was founded by David "Stock" Baird in 2017 and is an award winning tech recruitment and software development firm based in Detroit (USA) and London (UK). We specialize in tech headhunting and have over a decade of experience in the industry. Our vast network of software developers, executives, and C-suite leaders span across the globe and we work with top-tier talent who are not actively looking but open to new opportunities. Our clients appreciate our dedicated and hands-on approach to finding the perfect candidate or web solution for their needs.

We are proud to have developed our own in-house Applicant Tracking System, BairdHunt, which streamlines our recruitment process from resume to hire. In 2022, Baird Tech Inc. (USA) became a member of the Expansion Team at Boston-based venture capital firm Companyon Ventures. We are honored to be their firm of choice for outside tech recruitment for their portfolio companies and excited to be a part of this family. We have also recently teamed up with StoryPoint Consulting LLC to help provide Agile & Scrum guidance and consulting to our clients. 

Coffee and Work

Here's a list of roles that we have filled for our clients, including but not limited to:

  • Back-End Engineers (Java, Python)

  • Front-End Developers (React)

  • QA Engineer

  • Full Stack Engineers (Ruby, Go, React, Angular)

  • SalesForce Developer

  • Director of QA

  • VP of Software Development

  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Engineer (AI & ML)

  • Application Security Engineer

  • Jr, Mid, and Sr Positions

  • Enterprise IoT Solution Architect

  • Lead Android Engineer

  • Lead iOS Engineer

If you require professionals to fill any of these positions, or other similar roles, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our process.

Audit, Pitch Deck, Financial Projections

Our team conducts a thorough evaluation of your current startup status and collaborates with you to develop an attention-grabbing pitch deck that will appeal to Angel and VC Investors. Along with that, we can also assist you in projecting user growth and revenue streams, and creating an introduction pitch deck and partner pitch deck. By leveraging our expertise and team, your startup can increase its chances of success. 

The BairdTech ATS

We have developed our own Applicant Tracking System (ATS), called BairdHunt, to simplify the recruitment process for our clients. It aids in searching for and hiring the most suitable candidates.


Web & Mobile Development

Idea to MVP (Minimal Viable Product)

We collaborate with you to conceptualize your idea and translate it into reality by building your MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

We partner with StoryPoint Consulting

We have partnered with Ryan Anderson at StoryPoint Consulting LLC who specializes in Agile Coaching, Agile Quick Start Guidance, Assessment and recommendations for Organization and Team Structures for Agile Implementations, and Customized Training. 

Contact us to learn more!

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Tech Headhunting | Startup Consulting | Application Development

Agile Consulting

We Deliver On time

It is paramount that we not only source the high quality talent needed for your project, it is also just as important we start and deliver your project on time and as agreed. We work very closely with our developers to make sure this is a priority.

Competitive Pricing

We know about the high fees other agencies charge and we know the value of the service we provide. We can get what you need for a fraction of the price. We are excited to bring a world of talent to your doorstep saving you money that you can now spend on marketing, promotions, or business needs.

Match Your Needs

We have in place extensive vetting procedures when we are given a project to manage and form a team for. We assess with you what your needs are, consult with you and our developers on what technologies are needed accomplish your goals.


“I was so impressed with the caliber of candidates I received from Baird Tech for our Vice President of Engineering role.   Baird's expertise and professionalism were top-notch, but what exceeded my expectations was their desire and willingness to learn our business so the could bring us the perfect candidate.   I look forward to working with Baird again, as we truly view them as an extension of our recruiting team. "


Finding the right person, with the right personality, with the right technical skills in a white-hot job market is daunting. David and the team at Baird Tech have played a significant role in helping me build a what I believe to be a world-class team.


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