Baird Tech was started to help other companies build web applications at a more reasonable price than our competitors without compromising in the quality. We currently have in production Unicorn Dental, CloudTVNetwork, and The Toyswap. All of which are to be released in August 2019.

While we have been working on these products we found a need for startups with recent funding wanting to build their teams from the top down. Our founder David Baird has a background not only in bootstrapping a startup, but also in recruitment and headhunting. With our non-intrusive headhunting methodologies, we started our Talent and Asset Development side to Baird Tech in March 2019 and found it to be wildly successful while making clients very happy.

Since opening our Talent and Asset Development side to Baird Tech, we have been growing at a rapid rate. Within the last few months we have filled 3 VP of Software Engineering roles, 3 Java Developer roles, 2 Front End Developer roles, an Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI & ML) role, QA Director, and QA Engineer and more.. We are proud to work with such clients such as HealthBridge (Traverse City, Grand Rapids), Spire Health (Traverse City, San Francisco) and new startup AaDya Security (Detroit). If you are a company and you need a company you can depend on to fill some very important roles. Please get in touch.


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