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  • Nina Dimachki

From Fashion to Function: How Tech & Fashion/Beauty are more similar than you may think.

They say that nothing is ever wasted. This will explain why on my LinkedIn profile I am a self proclaimed Beauty & Fashion enthusiast. For nearly 20yrs, I worked for L’Oreal in their Professional Brands Division in various positions: education, product development, and creative direction. To be honest, I've always kept my eye close on the tech world, and would find a way to implement new tech in my positions (from digital mood boards to social media engagement). This past year at Baird Tech and working with tech startups, it's really opened my eyes to so many parallels in both industries. With NYFW is going on now in real time, here is how tech & fashion actually share several similarities.

  1. INNOVATION & IMPROVEMENT: Betterment isn’t just in performance, it’s creating something that the consumer didn’t know what they themselves needed or desired. Whether you are targeting organizations or individuals, initial innovation needs to happen, then consistent improvement is post development.

  2. DATA DRIVEN DECISIONS: As we know, development & production is expensive, so the insight of data & analytics is a critical part of RDI, then into marketing & distribution strategies.

  3. CUSTOMER-CENTRIC: Both industries focus on creating a personalized and convenient customer experience through the use of technology i.e. social media, e-commerce, and the convenience of mobile apps.

  4. SUSTAINABILITY: Let’s talk packaging - there’s plastics, metals, reactionary chemicals… all play a part in both industries. Both spaces are working hard to develop minimal or recyclable waste without not only compromising, but yet improving performance in product.

  5. BRANDING & AESTHETICS: Apple is the epitome of branding and aesthetics when comes to tech. Think about most acquisitions - the branding & vision is so clear, whether it’s Beats headphones or a haircare/Make Up brand. Broad or niche, taste & image always matter. Even if you think it isn’t in tech (ask a UI engineer, its critically important), it’s the first point of the user experience. Fashion there are different tastes & likes… music too. It’s all connected.

  6. MARKETING & GLOBAL REACH: Let’s be honest, both industries always have a goal of a global presence. Thankfully with a lot of hard work, smart innovation, pleasing aesthetics, and high performance, products and services can be sold and distributed worldwide.

Although fashion & beauty tends to lean towards being extraverted whereas tech leans introverted, they both pay great attention to detail. I look forward to continuing this new journey in tech and bring a fresh perspective over into the space!

(Some fun behind the scenes from various Fashion Week seasons in NYC)

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